Testimonials 2022

Without your help in identifying what my dog was allergic too, especially Blue Thomson with Sunflower Oil, he would of continued to suffer with hives, and sever rashes. The vet told me no more steroid shots. I know your tests are accurate as the food I was feeding changed their formula and started using sunflower oil. I immediately saw the return of hives. I would of never known this sever allergy. Thank you so much for making the test affordable. You saved me so much time and torment for my dog.

United States, 28th Feb 2022

Testimonials 2021

You under promised and over delivered. Thank you!

Canada, 29th September 2021

This was a great start for me to determine food allergies for my dog. Turns out the vegetable in the dry food recipe was one of the bigger culprits! Thank you!

United States of America 3th Sep 2021

Very supportive and informative whenever I had any questions.

Australia, 6th August 2021

Super contente , résultats rapides , test facile à faire

Belgium, 1st August 2021

Very happy with service

Ireland, 8th August 2021

You are professional and quick in response.

Slovenia, 4th August 2021

It was very easy and quick, great service!

South Africa, 1st August 2021

Results were fast and effective, the whole process was smooth and I will definitely recommend it to someone who wants to do this type of test.

South Africa, 5th August 2021

I recently received the results of my cat's CatCheck (Feline) Genetic Disease Test and I couldn't have been happier! The test and results were extremely detailed and the normal results really put my mind at ease, as he's an older cat who came to us last year, and so we don't know his history at all. It was also really interesting to find out things like his blood group, colouring expression etc. The results were delivered on time and the purchase system and sample collection were super simple. Would highly recommend!

United Kingdom, 7th August 2021

The Feline PKD Test was the first animal DNA test I purchased from EasyDNA and I was very impressed with the simplicity of purchase and sample collection. The results arrived quickly too, to my great relief (I worry very much about anything to do with my cat, so swift responses are always appreciated). The results put my mind at ease too as my cat is much older, so had the results been bad we may have had a tough road ahead. That said I would have been able to prepare because of the information in this test. Would highly recommend these tests (went on to purchase two more) for great information and peace of mind.

United Kingdom, 8th August 2021
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I have already been able to change our dogs food and see drastic improvements in her skin and coat.

United States of America, 26th August 2021

We were so happy to finally figure out what was making our cat sick. Thank you very much!

United States of America, 4th August 2021

This was a very simple process for a very stressful event in my life. Appreciate the fast and excellent support from your company.

United States, 2nd August 2021

Very happy with the service and customer support

United States, 3rd August 2021

The test results were hard to believe (she's apparently allergic to chicken, lentil, and flax seed oil, which are in most dog foods) but after cutting the identified foods out of my dog's diet she has not had any of her previous gastro illnesses, so I'm very happy I tested her with you all.

United States, 3rd August 2021

We were so happy to finally figure out what was making our cat sick. Thank you very much!

United States, 5th August 2021

Received fast and accurate customer service through on-line chat.

United States, 6th August 2021

Fast results for peace of mind

United States, 8th August 2021

My experience was perfect! I paid for results with another company and I regret it because I still haven't received them and it's been over 2 weeks, when they promised 3-5 business days. This company received my results and let me know that they did and sent my results before the estimated time! I'll definitely recommend this company to everyone who is needing these services!!! You guys are amazing!

Unites States of America 27th August 2021

Testimonials 2019

I have used EasyDNA's DNA testing kits twice now and I am very satisfied with all aspects of the service. Will definitely recommend to others!

United States of America, 29th August 2019

I received excellent service from EasyDNA, from the moment I ordered the test until I received the results!

United Kingdom, 5th February 2019

I am very pleased to have finally confirmed that my twins are identical! I highly recommend EasyDNA's twins test to other moms of twins.

Canada, 25th January 2019

Sent the customer service team an e-mail and they replied back within just 10 minutes! Test results for my health test were delivered on time as well. I highly recommend EasyDNA!

Canada, 23rd January 2019

Testimonials 2018

Thank you for clarifying my doubts and helping me achieve peace of mind! I highly recommend EasyDNA to anyone in need of a quick, easy and confidential Paternity test.

United States of America, 19th November 2018

Despite Thanksgiving Day on October 8th, the company still managed to deliver the results earlier than promised. I am glad for having chosen EasyDNA!

Canada, 9th October 2018

The Diet and Healthy Weight test was very informative and helpful. It also tied-in with results from previous medical examinations!

Switzerland, 22nd March 2018

Testimonials 2017

Very satisfied

United Kingdom, 1st May 2017

Quick and easy service thanks

United Kingdom, 1st May 2017

Keep up the good job

United Kingdom, 1st May 2017

Great customer service representative with quick response time.

Australia, 1st May 2017

Thank you! You saved my life. I'm not the father! Very fast results came before the date said.

United States of America, 1st May 2017

Very satisfied! Even more thrilled that I received the results earlier than expected!

Canada, 4th November 2017

Thank you for fast results and excellent communication!

United States of America, 8th November 2017

The service was beyond my expectations, thank you!

South Africa, 16th December 2017

Results were very quick from the time of delivery to the lab. It only took 5 days and that was over the Christmas holidays!

Canada, 24th December 2017

Testimonials 2016

The most friendliness professional & very helpful staff from start to finish. Highly recommend this fantastic company.

Australia, 09th September 2016

I spoke to Alicia and Gardrina (not sure in the spelling) and they were very helpful. Made my process much easier, with their support. Thank you for your support.

Australia, 22nd September 2016

Customer service officer Caitlyn was very informative and helpful. Very happy with the service. I would recommend to anyone wishing to have a DNA test done. Thank you.

Australia, 9th February 2016

It was an easy process. I called up to ask about the test & to buy. The staff were very friendly & helpful.

Australia, 9th February 2016

I found the whole process very easy. The people I spoke with on the phone were very helpful and understanding. Thank you for your help. I would be happy to recommend you too my friends if needed.

Australia, 9th February 2016

I found dealing with your service to be easy and totally professional. The results although not what we expected were sent in the timeframe quoted. I thank you all.

Australia, 9th March 2016
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You guys are very professional supportive and efficient despite being affordable. It's not a nice feeling waiting on these kind of results  but the whole process went under way smoothly and quickly. Can't thank you enough.

Australia, 11th March 2016

Very professional and supportive throughout the process. Results came days sooner than expected. I would recommend to anyone.

Australia, 16th March 2016

Great work. Keep up the excellent customer service people love dealing with kind courteous & respectful people.

Australia, 01st April 2016

I can not praise your staff highly enough and would recommend your service to everyone.

United Kingdom, 21st April 2016

All went very well but most appreciated was the actual acknowledgement that you had received the samples. Thanks.

New Zealand, 15th April 2016

Testimonials 2015

Very happy with all aspects of service.

Australia, 10th January 2015

Thank you very much for the quick response and easy to interpret service. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone. The price is also excellent. one of the cheapest around. Once again thanks for a great service!

Australia, 17th February 2015

Emphasize the good understanding and how quickly they were delivered the results very good service reliable and secure.

Ecuador, 07th January 2015

Very happy with the service I received Thanks very much

Australia, 12th January 2015

the support staff where amazing could not have been more helpful.

Australia, 11th January 2015

Thank you for the easy no -fuss instructions / directions and the option of using a handkerchief as an alternative material.

United States, 09th January 2015

Was happy with service level but did pay for 3 day result. Sample delivered Monday 5th Jan results received Sun 11 Jan. Slightly longer than anticipated but amazed to get results on a Sunday. Had set my mind to waiting another day. So well done there.

New Zealand, 11th January 2015

The service was very fast. I had my results 3 days before I expected. Thank you

Australia, 23rd May 2015

I found every staff member I spoke to very professional and easy to speak with

Canada, 09th January 2015

Deciding to venture into the unknown area of DNA testing has been rewarded with professional and efficient service. Thank you

Australia, 29th May 2015

Happy with the fast and professional service we got from Easydna. If ever needed again we use again as we know it's safe and reliable

Australia, 09th May 2015

Completely satisfied with results

United Kingdom, 08th January 2015

A great experience in difficult times. Thank you for delivering the promise.

Australia, 13th May 2015

Extremely happy with the service provided. Results were received within 4 working days. Thank you so much!

Australia, 06th May 2015

I was very pleased with this company for this service. I had to speak to customer service a few times and they were very professional and efficient with answering all my questions. I was also extremely impressed with the quick turn- around time from the time the sample was tested and the results sent to me. I was given an expected date of arrival and the results came on that date. I was very pleased !! Good job !!!I would certainly use this company again and I would highly recommend this company to others!!

Canada, 05th January 2015

Excellent service on the phone & by email. Testing & results very efficiently done. I would highly recommend your company to others. Thank you.

Australia, 07th May 2015

Quick service from receiving pack after payment and ordering online to email with conclusive evidence

Australia, 22nd May 2015

Very quick and easy to follow  clear instructions

Australia, 10th March 2015

I found the staff very knowledgeable about the tests & they were able to answer all my questions.

Australia, 11th March 2015

I waited a few weeks without receiving the test kit so I emailed to advise. I then received the test kit 2 days later. They followed up very quickly but would of been nice to receive the test kit without emailing. Other than that the service and response times were good.

Australia, 19th March 2015

I was very happy at the response rate in getting the results. I received the test results 5 days before the scheduled due date which was quite impressive. Any area of improvement is providing clarity on the consent form - I requested a zygosity test and the consent form included in my initial pack was more relevant to a paternity test (not a zygosity test).However I still completed it and sent to back. I was then contacted again to complete another consent form related to a biological parents test (again not a zygosity test I requested). So it created a lot of unnecessary confusion and I see this as an area that could easily be improved.

Australia, 20th March 2015

I think the service is very professional and would recommend this company to others wanting the same service .

Australia, 20th March 2015

Very happy with the service I received Thanks very much

Australia, 12th January 2015

Thank you for your help in this most difficult time.

Australia, 24th March 2015

the personal interest and attention from the staff I spoke to on the phone including the call back from the geneticist was fantastic. Really appreciated the professional friendly and personal approach of staff.

Australia, 16th January 2015

There was a couple of hiccups when paying as I was overcharged but I was very happy with the efforts to rectify the situation promptly and also there was a mix up with what forms we needed to fill out but again when brought to your attention there was quick conformation to the fact that the right forms had been completed and which test was being done.

Australia, 25th March 2015

I liked the quick responds from the company. And I also like how they email the results too. Its got all the info I needed and paying £99 I think is a very good price

United Kingdom, 15th January 2015

Very satisfied with the service I received

Australia, 26th March 2015

I am very happy as through it I have found out which parent is my true birth parent by being able to contact the right relatives that would have known (my mother was my true birth mother)and I am 99% sure of who my birth father is now. All I need to do now is to ask the one person who I know does know the truth but never wanted to tell me but now that I know I am sure he is going to confirm what I already now. Thank you so much.

Australia, 29th March 2015

Fantastic service. Results delivered earlier than expected. Thank you

Australia, 29th March 2015

Sonya was very helpful and explained a few questions I had asked as originally told test was taken with blood but they had sent a swab.

Australia, 04th March 2015

Very quick turnaround easy to follow procedures and well informed. Thank you very much!

Australia, 05th March 2015

Very good service and professional consultancy

New Zealand, 18th January 2015

The only small negative I have was that there was no correspondence from the time of my sample collection to the results stage. I feel I would have appreciated an email confirming that the blood tests had been collected or reached your lab.

Australia, 06th March 2015

I was very impressed at the customer service and pleasant staff it was an emotional time for me so I really grateful how nice the staff was.... Thank you

Canada, 24th March 2015

Very quick turn around time once the samples were provided

Canada, 24th March 2015

Easy to communicate with  all questions answered fast.

Australia, 20th January 2015

just like to say thankyou for your help and a very professional service I couldn't have been any more satisfied with the service you provided for me  test kit was sent out prompt and lady I spoke to on phone was very informative

United Kingdom, 21st January 2015

Overall satisfied with provided services.The results delivered on time. Nevertheless some delays in responses by email in French.

Luxembourg, 30th March 2015

Results came quicker than stated which was good.

United Kingdom, 19th January 2015

Thank you for the speedy results. very pleased with your service

New Zealand, 11th March 2015

Once I ordered it online I appreciated the confirmation emails that kept me in the loop. I also rang the Australian help desk & the Lady I spoke to was very helpful.

New Zealand, 24th March 2015

me staying in SA and having to import the test tubes/containers and export them back to your lab I was worried about all the transport arrangement but everything was so well organised and everything went very well. This is such a process (coming to think about it) But simplified by your process in place. I'm still amazed by the service i received. I was also worried about the payment method to be used but again that was one of the easiest steps ever!! I'm really impressed ! and above all satisfied with the kind of service provided.

New Zealand, 26th March 2015

very pleased thank you

Australia, 22nd January 2015

Going through a paternity test is very nerve-racking situation but I found the whole process to be simple and fast.

New Zealand, 26th March 2015

Thank you kindly. You have solved a 14 year long mystery for us.

New Zealand, 21st January 2015

I have used your services for myself and my three sisters. Every time I have had the utmost professional service. All email correspondence has been quick and helpful on every level. We have received our results on time. I would recommend your company to anyone needing DNA services. Because of your company myself and my sisters were able to at last know our paternity without any doubt and it has made us all feel complete. Thank you once again....Kindest regards Therese Morris.

New Zealand, 27th March 2015

Great service   prompt and efficient

United Kingdom, 17th January 2015

I chose easy DNA i realised they had a branch in capetown and after comfirming that they work with DDC which everyone recommends as a reliable and a provider of accurate results. I

South Africa, 18th March 2015

Thank you for giving me peace of mind after 47 years one happy lady

United Kingdom, 26th March 2015

I am happy with the service you have provided and the efficiency with which everything was done. it was so easy to follow the sample collection process.

Zambia, 10th March 2015

I felt very confident using your service and was very happy with the whole procedure.  Many thanks

United Kingdom, 18 Sep 2015

Terrific customer service and a very efficient service.  Highly recommended!

United Kingdom, 18 Sep 2015

It was a very good experience. I am very satisfied with the delivery times and support

Switzerland, 03 Sep 2015

Response rate to emails sent where fast and very informative. Customer service exceptional and results are easy to interpret and understand.

Ireland, 03rd June 2015

I have done the baby gender test twice now and received the same results both times. Hoping it is correct!

Australia, 05th June 2015

Very fast service  will recommended to other people

United Kingdom, 12 Sep 2015

Used the service twice. Very quick response time and very informative. Thanks

United Kingdom, 09 Sep 2015

Great service! Wish we had known about you years ago. Thank you so much.

New Zealand, 05th June 2015

Very pleased with the customer service and the overall process.  Thanks a lot

Canada, 08 Sep 2015

Was fast snd easy web site was great had all the info I needed and the lady on the phone was very helpful didn't judge 🙂

Australia, 02nd June 2015

Great  quick service with really quick email responses

Australia, 03 Sep 2015

I'm very satisfied with the service provided and would recommened easydna to others. Thanks for a speedy and straight forward service.

Great Britain, 03rd June 2015

I was pleased with your services. I will definitely refer other people who might be in need of your services

United Kingdom, 23 Sep 2015

Thanks you very much for your fast efficient and easy to understand service. I now know that I am the biological father of my child and I am overjoyed at this fact.

Great Britain, 09rd June 2015

I am happy that the process was quick and stress free and being at my own home was relaxing.  Thank you

South Africa, 24 Sep 2015

Very professional and honest service. Not the result we were hoping for but at least we are left in no doubt thanks to your company

Great Britain, 10th June 2015

Thank you for the great service and prompt turnaround time

South Africa, 25 Sep 2015

Your colleagues from the customer service were very friendly and supportive. Thank you for making this paternity test so simple efficient and easy for us. Doing this kind of a test is a very lonely moment and Easy DNA makes the process psychologicaly financialy and technicaly bearable.

Switzerland, 10th June 2015

Your service was recommended via the Australian Twin Registry. It was a very straight forward process for knowledge that has eluded us all our lives. Thank you.

Australia, 19th June 2015

Easy to use self service from home. Quick response & prompt follow up to let us know where we were at with estimated dates etc. Great communication.

Australia, 26th June 2015

The most attractive aspect was that Easy DNA provided return addressed envelopes making the rerun of the samples extremely easy and hassle free.

Australia, 30th June 2015

I would like to thankyou very very much for your amazing service. My twins had their 21st party tonight and we thought the results wouldn't make it back in time. But you are the best and the results made it before the party! Happy days!! You made our identical twin girls 🙂 🙂 very happy and surprised. Thankyou again and keep up the great work. Kylie 🙂

Australia, 27th June 2015

I was very pleased with how my questions were answered when I contacted customer support.

Great Britain, 07th June 2015

My results were not as I had hoped but they were results nonetheless and put to rest a lot of questions. Good quick service.

Australia, 15th June 2015

Very easy to order and understand good price fast delivery and recieved results the day b4 i was given absolutely fantastic n would recommend to anyone wanting a simple confidential result.

Great Britain, 15th June 2015

The service was first class with result dates being adhered to and everything went like clockwork. Excellent!

Great Britain, 08th June 2015

Very positive experience. Phone calls/emails helped to clarify things and I always received prompt responses.

United States, 28th June 2015

Very simple process that was explained in the supplied pack. Only change would be for the documentation that states that stamps needed to be affixed to the envelope however it was already postage paid.

Australia, 19th June 2015

Glad I did it. We were always told by our Mother that we were non identical. Now I know the correct answer we are identical

Australia, 17th June 2015

Was happy with service and would recommend you to any friends or people requiring this service. Thankyou for your help with regards Tony Ashord

Australia, 17th June 2015

Very happy with overall service. Quick response and very professional in the service offered.

Australia, 29th June 2015

I was pleased with the promptness of the results being out before the actual date that I was waiting. The service was marvellous

South Africa, 18 June 2015

Thanks for an excellent and affordable service. The only minor change I could suggest is to maybe not disclose the outcome of the test in the email text. I would suggest to password protect the PDF and forward the password to the clients mobile to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Overall I am very satisfied with the experience.

Australia, 10 June 2015

So thankful for positive results price and speed on getting this done! Picked the right place

Canada, 04th June 2015

Very good service thank you.

Belgium, 21st January 2015

Very happy with your service

Australia, 24th January 2015

Pleased with the service very quick and officiant! I appreciated the email stating that my samples had been received.

United Kingdom, 23rd January 2015

Great! Even though results were heartbreaking you offer a fast trustworthy and professional service. I will definitely be recommending easydna to others:) I would like to know in more detail how the DNA is abstraced from the swabs and interrupted though. If there were more info on this it would have helped me to believe the results easier and feel like they were 100% accurate. Thanks though. Great!

New Zealand, 22nd January 2015

Great service prompt and efficient

United Kingdom, 22nd January 2015

Overall pleased with the service now to wait and see if the results were right and I am having a boy!

United Kingdom, 23th November 2015

The team were very supportive and understanding in relation to taking this stressful route.

United Kingdom, 18th November 2015

Very fast and reliable service will help with any inquiries. The results are laid out in a simplified mannor making then eaiser to understand.

United Kingdom, 18th April 2015
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It was overall a good service. Always had someone to talk with and answered all my questions. The lab results took alittle longer then what was stated in emails but still be fast service. cheers

Australia, 18th April 2015

I would highly recommend this service. I previously did a dna sample with genetrack biolabs thinking they were aus based it was a total disaster and took months. This service was fast and efficient nil probs whatsoever.

Australia, 18th April 2015

I was aided perfectly and there are no further comments.

Swaziland, 16th April 2015

Happy with service. Received results quicker than expected with the outcome I hoped for! Happy days

United Kingdom, 16th April 2015

My experience with your service was positive because the process was quick & easy. I really appreciated the customer support I was given over the phone  all my questions were answered in a friendly & professional manner.

New Zealand, 16th April 2015

Everything was fine for me... even the result.

Switzerland, 17th April 2015

I have experienced some trouble sending the samples on a conventional envelope. Sending "medical samples" to the US requires a lot of authorization documents. I thought based on the information shown on the web that samples would be analyzed in the country of origin i.e. Argentina. Thanks. Best regards.

Argentina, 24th April 2015

Thank you for a quick response. Everyone always asked whether my girls were identical. I always said no and used to get the reply back "are you sure". Now i have my answer. Thank you very much.

Australia, 22nd April 2015

Efficient compliant deadlines and very professional work

Argentina, 13th April 2015

I was very surprised to have such a huge cost added to do a second test on child when in all correspondence it's states for just another $44 dollars you can have another test added when in real time that is to just do the mother. I felt it was a little bit of false advertising.

Australia, 15th April 2015

Good response time and explanation.

United Kingdom, 4th November 2015

Very pleased with the service and support from start to finish.

United Kingdom, 11th April 2015

I found the support team very informative and friendly which made me feel secure

Australia, 09th April 2015

We are blessed with baby boy on 13th of March 2015 after two daughters. We all are very happy and recommend your services to our close ones. Thanks & Regards Gagan and Ashima Abbott

Australia, 06th April 2015

The customer service we where given was over and above what l though we would get. They were able to help me through the ordeal very polite and understanding our circumstances. l would like to thank each and everyone of you

Australia, 22nd July 2015

Great service and received result quicker than expected.

United Kingdom, 4th November 2015

Very happy with your service mainly because you were honest and did what you said you would and in the time frame you stated .

Australia, 02nd April 2015

The experience was an easy one with as little stress as possible. The team made it very comfortable for me.

Australia, 22nd July 2015

Happy with service provided.

United Kingdom, 1st November 2015

Received the results on a public holiday (Anzac Day) I didn't expect this I was very impressed.

Australia, 25th April 2015

Very happy with the outcome of the test and how the results were written out to me. (Easily explained). the blood test was very simple to do was not difficult at all no mucking around! Would recommend to anyone thank you

Australia, 14th July 2015

Smooth easy transaction. EasyDNA kept me up to date throughout the whole process. They were able to deliver results a day before expected and I just felt comfortable throughout. Very happy with the service provided. Thank you.

United Kingdom, 7th November 2015

Find the service to be prompt efficient and easy to understand.

Ireland, 29th April 2015

The service was so prompt and satisfactory. I couldn't believe how fast the whole process took. Keep up the good work

Ireland, 03rd July 2015

I was very satisfied with service easy to use and quick result.

United Kingdom, 6th November 2015

I am well satisfied with the whole process.

United Kingdom, 30th April 2015

Would recommend this company to anyone that needed to have a DNA test done in the future

United Kingdom, 10th July 2015

Fast and easy. Attractive price. Very helpful staff. Clear result. Really happy about the service especially that it turned out that my partner is the father of my child.

United Kingdom, 13th November 2015

I was very happy with your very helpful and professional services Very friendly staff very quick and detailed results Thank you. Billy Nigroh

Australia, 30th April 2015

Great customer service keep up the good work   would recommend easy DNA

Australia, 08th July 2015

Fantastic service very quick and easy to use.

United Kingdom, 11th November 2015

Thanks for providing a straightforward service for me in a difficult time. Now I can get back on with my life. Thank you so much.

United Kingdom, 29th April 2015

Very well conducted Just what was required - excellent service! Your website was very informative and clear; the duration of test - perfect; the price - reasonable. I wanted to take the test anonymously without the knowledge of my wife and your service provided that perfectly. Thank you I am satisfied and relieved.

United Kingdom, 24th July 2015

Thank you so much for your help. Fantastic service.

United Kingdom, 11th November 2015

Very quick and clear support. Instructions professionally delivered and process very managed. Thanks

United Kingdom, 29th April 2015

I have recommended this service to other people. This is the 2nd paternity test with easydna I am 100% percent totally satisfied. I had fast and efficient service and have and would recommend easydna to others in the future.

Australia, 29th July 2015

Very good service. Did everything online. Got emailed my progress. Results were a few hours earlier than stated. Couldn't have asked for more! Thank you.

United Kingdom, 10th November 2015

Good Service Now I can live with total satisfaction and peace of mind. Thank you 🙂

South Africa, 28th April 2015

Everything was ok from start to finish

United Kingdom, 23rd July 2015

Very good service. Life changer.

United Kingdom, 20th November 2015

Job well done. I contacted you by e.mail on a couple of occasions & had no fault with the girls. I am now a Daddy at the age of 69 BUT she is 47.

Australia, 25th April 2015

Very good service do exactly what the promise results were clear and easy to follow.

United Kingdom, 01st July 2015

No problems. Quick service.

United Kingdom, 20th November 2015

The service a received was prompt informative and truly professional. Thank you.

United States, 29th July 2015

I was happy that you emailed me as soon as I ordered the test and how quick it actually came.

United Kingdom, 17th November 2015

You delivered results earlier than expected. Great service

United Kingdom, 02nd April 2015

Email notifications of the status of the testing process (payment received  test pack sent  samples received  etc) was excellent  along with an accurate indication of when the results would be available. I always knew what was happening. Great service. Thank you.

United Kingdom, 10th July 2015

Thanks to you I was able to prove paternity and met my daughter for first time. I wish I had known about the piece of mind test as lost 14m of her life with government bodies insisting on charges in excess of £400 which I vould not afford. Thank you for this and continue to kept prices down so that other young men don't miss out on their Childs life because of cost

United Kingdom, 02nd April 2015

Impressed with the speed in which you replied to my emails.

United Kingdom, 28th July 2015

Thank you for your excellent services.

United Kingdom, 27th November 2015

Speedy service & emails were also responded to in a very timely manner. It's rare these days to get a "receipt of email" from a real person and I greatly appreciated this from you!

Australia, 02nd July 2015

Thank you for good service.

United Kingdom, 27th November 2015

Very positive experience. Very easy to follow directions and prompt response.

Canada, 02nd April 2015

Timing was great and it was great to receive responses in such a prompt manner

Australia, 14th July 2015

I thank you for a great service it was fast and your responses to all my queries even before I purchased a kit was prompt. I appreciate your great service.

South Africa, 07th April 2015

We were told whilst I was pregnant that I was having non-identical twins (I assume cause they were in separate sacs). For 5 years people have always asked if they are identical and I've always wondered. I was so glad to have done the test and to find out that they are in fact identical. The process was quick and easy to follow. Thank you.

Australia, 12th July 2015

Overall pleased with the service now to wait and see if the results were right and I am having a boy!

United Kingdom, 23rd November 2015

The test results were delivered right on time and customer service was very helpful when I was deciding what test to get.

United States, 07th April 2015

Very excited to receive the results and finally have the zygosity of my twins confirmed. Thankyou for the prompt easy to use service.

Australia, 10th July 2015

The team were very supportive and understanding in relation to taking this stressful route.

United Kingdom, 18th November 2015

Thanks for everything. I got the result the exact date it was promised. I am very satisfied.

United Kingdom, 07th April 2015

Great communication advising that DNA sample had been received and sent onto lab; and very speedy results

Australia, 09th July 2015

I am happy with results but I wasn't so sure because I had tested myself but never saw like a 50% of the DNA test showing that she was mine. Overall I guess was fine thanks.

United Kingdom, 11th November 2015

As much as no one wants to do a DNA Test after raring a child for 10 years this test has closed doors we never want opened again and we are happy the is nothing more my boyfriends ex can do to hurt him anymore. Thank you for all your help and support.

United Kingdom, 07th April 2015

I appreciated the final clarification I requested via email. It was responded to very thoroughly and promptly.

Australia, 01st July 2015

Fantastic results. Thank you.

United Kingdom, 12th November 2015

Excellent service much quicker than advertised and a great result!

United Kingdom, 08th April 2015

I found your service very efficient. Telephone contact when needed was very friendly and helpful.

United Kingdom, 7th November 2015

Very simple process had a couple of questions at different points and they were answered very quickly cant fault your team.

United Kingdom, 09th April 2015

Was very helpful. Thank you very much.

United Kingdom, 4th December 2015

The person I initially spoke to in Auckland was not able to answer my questions and referred me to Sonja in Australia who was excellent and phoned me back. It would be good if the person in Auckland knew the answers. I appreciated the feedback I received as to the progress of the testing - very reassuring as of course such a process involves stress on the person asking for the test. Sonja was wonderful - very patient.

New Zealand, 16th April 2015

It was brilliant customer service I would definitely recommend to others very pleased 🙂

United Kingdom, 3rd December 2015

I very much appreciated the way in which my initial enquiry and subsequent test results were dealt with. Empathy sensitivity compassion and privacy were paramount in my decision to proceed with DNA testing.

Australia, 16th April 2015

Good service very helpful keeping you up to date with what's happening ie received the samples date when we should receive results etc.much appreciated!

United Kingdom, 14th April 2015

Excellent service.

United Kingdom, 1st December 2015

This is the fast turn-around that I have experienced in ordering DNA tests results.

United States, 13th April 2015

It was a very good website customer service and reply service.

United Kingdom, 26th December 2015

This service has put my mind at ease. I was pleased with all of my questions always being answered as quickly as possible. I would recommend this to anyone who needs this service.

United States, 22nd April 2015

I was very pleased by the way things was handled.

United Kingdom, 8th December 2015

Excellent service got the results a few days before estimated date!

Australia, 17th April 2015

Pleased with fast result.

United Kingdom, 21st December 2015

Pleased to confirm I am a grandmother! Thanks for quick results and making an uneas t time a little easier

Australia, 20th April 2015

Brilliant. I was kept up to date with emails and got my results faster than I thought I would. The results are easy to understand too.

United Kingdom, 3rd December 2015

I found staff extremely helpful and supportive

Australia, 18th April 2015

Very efficient and we received the results very promptly.

United Kingdom, 17th December 2015

Instructions in different languages would be helpfull.so that your partner can read in his or her own language as English terminology is differant and means differant things when your first language is not English. My was English but my parners is Veitnamese.

New Zealand, 18th April 2015

Thank you  You were very informative  But I had many problems to get in touch because of problems with Ur landlines but I always got a call back

26th February 2015

The support was brilliant  nz post held  my sample. The team at the lab were great at helping me sort this out.

11th February 2015

You saved me from a lot of headaches and stress. Well done with your outstanding service and quality delivery.

09th February 2015

From placing the order for the test  the service received was fast and efficient. Would not hesitate to recommend Easy DNA. Thank you.

9th February 2015

Really good service fast delivery and very fast results

Australia, 14th February 2015

I would like to add that Sonia with whom we dealt with was so very very helpful right from day one and she made the process so much easier.  She was very professional and everything she said she would do she did.

10th February 2015

Testimonials 2014

"Firstly thank you to you all for the service provided in getting my DNA testing underway. You make a good team.

Secondly, thank you again for the swift response in finalizing my results. You don't know how much time and effort had been put into getting this arrangement into place as it was ongoing for almost a year and to have it all sorted within 2 weeks is just awesome and therefore I can't take you enough for your service, much appreciated, in fact the great results brought tears over the phone when I contacted my aunt to give her the good news.

Thank you again for your time and May the Good Lord richly bless you all."

Australia & New Zealand, 25th June 2014

"Thank You Erin, Michelle & Sonya in your professional manner in which you conducted this case. The result comes to no surprise to me as I could 100% guarantee the biological relationship with father & child.. Its a shame that the client decided to take this unnecessary approach in the first place after 9.5 yrs to try and delay paying Child Support & the arrears that they are trying to recover from him..& its sad to know that people take these measures!

All the same I appreciate your wonderful support & understanding throughout this case."

Australia & New Zealand, 29th May 2014

"Thanks so much for sending me the test result. I am very impressed with your prompt process. Thanks again for your time."

Australia & New Zealand, 24th April 2014

"Thank you very much for the professional manner in which you have conducted the tests I had requested. The manner in which this delicate situation has been handle by your organisation has been second to none."

Australia & New Zealand, 23rd April 2014

"You guys are doing a good job I must say. U helped me a lot. I am a witness to that."

South Africa, 29th January 2014

Testimonials 2011

Services were all five star.


Australia, 09th February 2011

My customer service representative, Kristy White, was very helpful, informative and professional. She also displayed compassion and sensitivity dealing with an emotional situation such as this. I greatly appreciated her help and the speediness of our test results (4 days early). I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any acquaintances.


Canada, 03rd March 2011

"Thank you so much for getting back to us in such a timely manner.  This takes off so much pressure and allows them to move on as a family.  Again thank you."


Canada, 11th March 2011

"I was very impressed with the whole process and glad to know there is something available at such a reasonable price for people to access."


Canada, 11th March 2011

"Thank you, I am very impressed with your efficiency, as you can imagine my clients are very anxious."


Australia, 15th March 2011

Thanks so much for the final result. Now I can put to rest any thought contrary to the results.

I will be very happy to recomment easyDNA in the future should any of my friends or co-workers require such services.

Kind regards


Australia, 05th April 2011

"Awesome customer service! thanks for a great service."


Australia & New Zealand, 13th April 2011

"Thank you Vee you have been very helpful :)"


Australia & New Zealand, 13th April 2011

"Thank-You for the mail,esp.early. I appreciate everything you have done to assist me in concluding this test. You have done more than I ever expected,bravo!! I will not try any further testing. I got the hair from my fathers wool hat. He hardly has hair at 93 !! Again, Thank-You for making the process easy..hence the name Easy Dna (no pun intended )

Please pass this message on to your supervisor-they should be reminded of your excellent customer service and your genuin concern for your clients. Again, BRAVO !!!"


United States, 26th April 2011

"Thank you for your quick response and excellent service. It is appreciated Have a great week"

New Zealand, 26th April 2011

"Thanks for excellent client service by your company"

Haiti, 29th April 2011

"I just wanted to write you a note to tell you thank you for all of your patience, understanding and kindness..

  ...I was reading over the correspondence between us this past few months and I took note of how well you handled my repetitive questions, and rambling.   You handled them with professionalism and dignity.

I’m sure you have to deal with a lot of people on a daily basses with regard to this type of ‘sensitive’ matter. but I wanted to say thank you! You have been fantastic.  I honestly cant say thank you enough. for the time and care you took with me!"

Canada, 13th May 2011

"A life changing email for a group of people.

Thankyou so much."

Canada, 16th May 2011

"Thank you very much & keep up the good work!"

South Africa, 20th May 2011
See more ...

"you made it so easy very professional many thanks."

Australia & New Zealand, 20th May 2011

"Thanks for your help I would just say please keep on doing your job, because as you say this is actually a peace of mind test."

South Africa, 10th June 2011

"Hi Team, A big thank you to everyone for doing the DNA test.  This has made my life an easier one and now I can make up time with my Dad now, that sounds so weird. All the best keep up the great work."

New Zealand, 22nd June 2011

"thank you easy dna for the excellent sercices provided. i can't even begin to describe how greate i am, the staff is very professional and they also do follow ups. as a person who works at client oriented industry i learnt a lot from the consultan who was always icontact with me, giving me all updated info, thank you.i sure will recomend easy dna to other people, ifact i'll be like a an ambassador."

South Africa, 25th June 2011

"It was my first experience, and with people willing to help u understand is great, so great overall service, thanks."

Australia & New Zealand, 29th June 2011

"Results came through sooner than expected. Thank you for helping me find my family."


Australia & New Zealand, 12th July 2011

"I appreciate very much, excellent service.  Best Regards"


New Zealand, 21st July 2011

"Thank you for a fantastic service - results received way before time, and everyone we dealt with along the way was extremely helpful and efficient."

South Africa, 23rd August 2011

"I have been pleasantly surprised with the high standard of professionalism and prompt communication. My concerns seemed to be important and my case was dealt with sensitively. Even when I called the Auckland office, they were informatuve, friendly and re assured me (Was a difficult time for me).

easyDNA is one of the few customer focussed business' left. Kudos I would recommend your services to anyone needing them 🙂

Thank you very very much"

New Zealand, 02nd September 2011

"Your service is easy to access, you are expediant in processing requests and samples and dissemination of results is confidential and such results are distributed through means preferred by customers."

South Africa, 05th September 2011

"Excellent customer service. All my questions were answered very promptly and clearly. Thank you very much."


Australia & New Zealand, 22nd September 2011

"What an awesome company!

Thanks again so very much! I really appreciate it! Have a great day!"

Australia, 04th October 2011

"I was afraid my citizenship application could be delayed because of the DNA test, but  easyDNA has really exceeded my expectations!"

Australia, 06th November 2011

Testimonials 2010

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and prompt response."

Ireland, 19th January 2010

"I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and efficient professional communication, you have been great to deal with. You are certainly a credit to the profession you are in and have a great insight into the sensitive nature of the test."

Australia, 19th January 2010

Its a relief and I'm so happy with your professional service your a credit to the industry.

Ireland, 04th February 2010

I am deeply grateful. The result is well worth the money spent. I won't take up your time with all the reasons why I had doubts.  I was not the only one who had doubts. I have loved all three sons equally but this one has been the closest throughout our lives.  Of them all he has been the most responsive and the most receptive to whatever teaching I have been able to give. If the results had gone the other way I have no idea how I would have coped - probably gone mad. So you can rest assured that your work is profoundly beneficial.

I am deeply grateful for the way you have dealt with this matter which allows me to really enjoy whatever years I have got left. It also lets me feel able to commit to his children, my grandchildren. It also inclines me to trust that my wife of those days did nothing to delude me about the other two sons and grandchildren from them.

Please believe in the immense value of the work you do and in the sensitive and responsible approach that you bring to the task.

Australia, 05th February 2010

"Thank you for your email. Thank your company for the services you have provided for me and our family! I can not sing your praises enough! What an excellent company to deal with! Thank you once again for emailing me so early and putting all our minds at rest!"

United Kingdom, 23rd February 2010

I would like to thank you for the manner in which you addressed my request and how easy the process was. Although confused by the initial results, Kathy and Andrew, the director, were very helpful in their response and the further testing that showed my fraternal twin and I were in fact born of the same father. Thanks again for the wonderful service I received.

United States, 09th March 2010

"Thank  you guys, At last ......I am relieved now ! Now I can do everything for my kid without taking a second thought! Please keep up the good work! Cheers."

South Africa, 18th March 2010

Thank you so much for your help. The best money I have ever spent. You have provided a wonderful service and hopefully I will never need you again!

Australia, 02nd April 2010

I thank you for your email, although it is not the result I wanted to hear I sincerely thank you for the certainty we now have.

New Zealand, 07th May 2010

"My experience with easyDNA was great all my questions were answered very quickly with information that was very valuable. I felt safe ordering the test on line and the results were easy to understand, I got a very good result for the difficult tests I needed. I would strongly recommend them to anyone."

Australia, 15th May 2010
See more ...

"Thank you for the results.  Even though we are very surprised by them and not what we expected, it's good to know the truth once and for all."

Canada, 22nd June 2010

"What a great Service, Thank you sooo much for getting back to us so quick and letting us know... Very Happy Customer..."

Australia, 13th August 2010

"easyDNA, I just wanna say thank you for everything. Good job and God bless."

New Zealand, 27th August 2010

Many thanks for all your help and support

United Kingdom, 03rd September 2010

"Its been a little while since I received my DNA results, however, even thou it wasn't the outcome I may of wanted, I'm very grateful for all the support via telephone and email. Many thanks for every thing and your company will be recommended to others."

Canada, 16th September 2010

"Thank you very much.......you made my day and my year!"

Canada, 22nd September 2010

"Many, many thanks for your assistance and high standards of professionalism and constant updates. You have helped us more than you will ever know!"

South Africa, 18th October 2010

"Thank you for the results. Delighted they were processed so quickly and that they are brothers.  That’s after years of wondering - this should have been done years ago."

Ireland, 26th October 2010

Thanks for the prompt response.

South Africa, 01st December 2010

Dear easyDNA, I received the DNA result you posted to me and I have read and understand it. I thank your company very much for your quick response during the course of the test. Looking forward to do more business with you, thanks.

South Africa, 02nd December 2010

Testimonials 2009

Thanks very much for all you've done.

Australia, 07th January 2009

"I am very appreciated for your excellent service and wishing you a healthy ,happy , prosperous year , young and beatiful for ever"

Australia, 27th April 2009

"Thank you for getting the report back to me so quick. I really appreciate the extra effort and thank you for you best wishes."

Australia, 02nd May 2009

"Now thing's have settled down a little with me finding my biological father I would like to thank you so very very much for everything you have done to help us throughout our DNA testing process. We couldn't of asked for a better service and we so appreciate everything you have done.

It has taken 16 long years of searching for my dad and now we've found each other we are looking forward to catching up on all the lost years & already we are very bonded & have contact every day 🙂 Mandy as far as I'm concerned your a gem & keep up the great service that you have provided for us. Brilliant!

Thank you so much again & all the very best to you :)"

Australia, 28th May 2009

I just want to Thank You! you have made this extremely hard and difficult situation very easy and uncomplicated. Thank you once again.

New Zealand, 09th June 2009

"I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all involved for an effortless and smooth service I have received from the team. I expected things to be more complicated than they were and I'm glad I chose easyDNA for handling my case with speed and clear polite communication. Thank you!"

United Kingdom, 11th June 2009

"Thanks for you prompt results"

United Kingdom, 15th September 2009
See more ...

"Thank you so very much for your prompt reply to my enquiry. Our circumstances have been very tragic, and it has taken me quite some time to get my head around the full implications of this DNA result. Thank you again, the assistance you and EasyDNA have provided to my family has been invaluable, and we are so very grateful."

Australia, 21st September 2009

"I have to say a very big thank-you to you guys for your sensitivity and level of service. Yes, we had received the results and they have finally put to rest any doubts so that we can all move forward now and love this little girl unreservedly."

Australia, 25th September 2009

"Thank you so much for providing peace of mind for us.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed at this news!  What a wonderful service you have provided to this family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Canada, 15th October 2009

"Thank you Mandy and to easyDNA, for getting the results through so quickly!"

Australia, 27th October 2009

Thank you for the email and the time you spent to listen & talk to me. Not being able to talk to anyone has been very hard and depressing, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Australia, 03rd November 2009

"Many thanks for you email.  I can confirm that I received the results of the DNA twin test and that I was very pleased with the service that you provided."

United Kingdom, 11th November 2009

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