EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company and we handle many cases where the parties to be tested are not located in the same country. Since we operate a large number of offices worldwide, we can have the kit sent from the nearest office. This will ensure that the kit will arrive faster to the required location. This is one advantage of using an international company like EasyDNA. Besides this, we can provide a kit with all paperwork and instructions in a variety of languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Czech, Russian and more.

The additional kit required will incur an administration charge which is dependent on the destination of the kit. Each kit issued will have their own unique reference number, and the testing will only commence once all the samples have been received (unless otherwise agreed).

Make your own DNA kit

If you are in a hurry to perform the test or the parties may reside in areas that are less accessible by the postal system, you may want to consider creating your own kit rather than having to wait for ours. Setting the kit up is easy and can be done at minimal cost. Save time and money and get your results faster! Click here to see how you can set up your own DNA kit.

Whatever your location or your requirements EasyDNA will find a solution to assist you with getting your DNA test performed with minimal hassle and in the shortest time possible. Feel free to contact any of our international offices to discuss your requirements.


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