Choose from the DNA ancestry tests we offer:

GPS Origins™

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This ancestry test will link you to the countries, cities or even island from which your ancestors came. Begin your quest to discover your roots. The Most Advanced Ancestry Test Available in our Portfolio

Maternal Lineage Test

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With our maternal lineage test, you can choose to specifically locate the origins of your maternal ancestors. Learn where your maternal ancestors settled as well as the migration patterns of your forebearers out of Africa to the rest of the globe.

Paternal Lineage Test

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Why not do a paternal lineage test to learn more about your ancient paternal roots and your forefathers many millennia ago? With our test you can trace your paternal ancestry, the origins of your paternal ancestors and their migration patterns.


What can our DNA ancestry test tell you?
Ancestry and genetic genealogy – haplogroups
Tracing your family tree and genealogy?

What can our DNA ancestry test tell you?

Ancestry, lineage DNA testing and genetic genealogy are methods for understanding more about the origins of your ancestors. Your ancestors have left an indelible mark on your DNA and certain regions on your DNA are known to code for ancestry. Through advanced laboratory analysis and thanks to our extensive Focused Geogenetic Database we can detail the anthropological groups and geographical regions from which you descend. To enhance the whole ancestry testing experience, your DNA ancestry test result will include a high-resolution ancestral origins map showing your origins.

Ancestry and genetic genealogy – haplogroups

We know that around 70,000 years ago our ancestors started to migrate out of Africa and travel to Europe, America, Asia and other parts of the globe. By finding your haplotype we can link you to your ancestral haplogroup. Haplogroups can tell us about the early migration patterns of your ancestors. Due to haplogroups being linked to specific geographical locations, we can link your haplogroup with that of your ancestors, helping you locate your origins.

Tracing your family tree and genealogy?

It is not unusual for people to take an interest in genealogy and want to draw up their own family tree; in this case lengthy genealogical research is required. You might be able to find out more by looking into national archives and locating birth records, marriage records and death certificates. A DNA ancestry test, to come extent, help you trace your family tree. For more accurate genealogy pinpointing names on ancestors and mapping of family trees we would recommend seeking the services of a genealogist.



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