About the Y chromosome

A Y chromosome test (Y-STR test) is used in cases where alleged male relatives wish to confirm they share a common paternal line. All male children inherit their Y chromosome from their father; these children will in turn pass the Y chromosome inherited from their father to their children when they become fathers. This inheritance pattern means that males coming from the same paternal line will always share the same Y chromosome. Furthermore, the low mutation rate of the Y chromosome makes this test all the more reliable.

The Y chromosome is only found in males. Females do not have Y chromosomes. This means that although females cannot directly carry out a Y chromosome test, they can ask a male, paternal biological relative to take the test on their behalf.

When would a Y chromosome test be needed?

A Y chromosome test can help confirm if individuals share a biological father without actually carrying out a paternity test. Carrying out a Y chromosome test with the alleged father’s male relatives can tell you if the tested individual’s share the same biological father.

This test will compare the Y chromosome profiles of the tested males. A full match between profiles confirms a shared paternal line. If the male siblings have different Y chromosome profiles then they do not share the same paternal line.

Other uses of the Y test include male cousins who can use this test to see if their fathers were brothers or to check if they shared a common grandfather or ancestor. In Immigration cases, the Y Chromosome test can be used as proof of relationship.

About your Y test

Once you have placed the order and your payment is processed, your DNA test kit will be mailed to the specified address. Following our easy-to-use instructions, DNA samples can be collected in the comfort and privacy of your own home. See our guide on how to use the DNA testing kit HERE to learn more about sampling using oral swabs. Once the DNA samples are at our laboratory, you will receive your comprehensive DNA analysis report in 5-7 working days. The price for a Y Chromosome Test is CHF329.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

Not looking for this test?

EasyDNA offers a vast range of relationship tests that can help verify the biological relationship between alleged relatives. Click here to view more relationship tests.


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