About our immigration DNA test

Immigration DNA testing is used when when evidence (e.g, birth certificate, marriage certificates) is insufficient or entirely unavailable to the test participants.. All testing is conducted according to international standards. Your test will be handled by a laboratory that is ISO 17025 accredited. We provide DNA testing for government departments, foreign embassies and immigration clients on an international basis. The price of the Immigration DNA Test is CHF595.

There are various testing methods available for proving the existence of a biological relationship for immigration purposes. The most commonly required DNA test is either maternity or paternity testing. However, an immigration DNA test can also be used to prove relationships between siblings, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews and grandparents.

What is the procedure for immigration testing?

We will first need to determine who exactly is involved in the DNA test and where each test participant lives. We can then process your order and send a sample collection kit to the chosen doctor (for ex. your family GP); the doctor will be responsible for taking the DNA samples and filling in the necessary paperwork. The doctor’s fee is not included in the cost of the immigration test.

Immigration testing outside Switzerland

EasyDNA offers cross-border immigration testing. This means we are able to organise the test when test participants live in different countries. EasyDNA operates through a large network of international offices and can thus, co-ordinate such tests efficiently. For more information about sending kits to different locations, click here.

For people being tested outside of Switzerland, collection is normally arranged through the nearest Swiss embassy or consulate and the kit will be sent directly from the lab to the embassy (Please note that a fee may be payable in the local currency to the embassy for sample collection and this is not included in the cost of your immigration DNA test). The embassy or consulate will have a small fee for the sample collection.


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